September 8, 2014

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"Plant a garden of diversity." ...Emily
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This plant has been cultivated in gardens because of it's beautiful white upright trumpet flower. It can be as large as five inches across. They begin to bloom by mid-season and continue until frost. (more)

Torch Lilly

Red Hot Poker

This brilliant plant produces a very "hot" looking bloom. They are both evergreen and deciduous. Red Hot Pokers love sand, but also grow well in fertile, humus-rich soils. They require full sun or partial shade. (more)

Tall Bellflower
Tall Bellflower
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The Garden Design Book

Garden Junk

Design Magazine has created the best from its magazine tradition. You will understand the plans for simplicity, the construction of perimeters, and the basis for color. (more)

September 8, 2014

The PlanDirt - The Plan

God did not plan a jungle. She planned a garden - the Garden of Eden. She placed a few plants here and a few plants there. She scattered some fruit trees about and then she got on to other things - you know, creation. Maybe later on she added a plant or two, picked up here and there, whenever she found something that caught her fancy.

But plants have their own ideas. Once they take root they want to spread. Even if you are involved. Even if you think you are in control. Even if you are a great weeder the plants will eventually get ahead of you. Then you have chaos. Plants expanding everywhere. A dense layer of green leaves providing shade protection for smaller plants. Insects and slugs and frogs and reptiles hiding beneath everything.

(more of the article)

Catch up with our friend Patrick Vickery in Scotland: Geranium Blether (a rerun)

I saw Bob Dylan last summer, a sprightly looking chap for his age. I didn't meet him in person of course, no, no, afraid not, but saw him in concert at Stirling castle. (more of Geranium Blether)

(More from Patrick in Scotland)