March 31, 2014

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"Someone's weed is another's garden delight." ...Emily
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To some, this plant has been cultivated in their gardens because of it's beautiful white upright trumpet flower. It can be as large as five inches across. They begin to bloom by mid-season and continue until frost. (more)


Angel's Trumpet

Although this plant is generally found growing in the Southern US or in South America, they can be grown in containers with much success. (more)

Compost By Gosh!

Compost By Gosh!

This is certainly the best early elementary introduction to red worm composting. As a popular subject for a children's story book it is different from your typical cute "butterfly and insect" nature book. (more)

March 31, 2014

Compost BinSo what is composting?

And why do we think it is such an overwhelming activity? It is not. It is truly very simple. All sorts of methods and techniques have been devised to work. And they do. You just have to find that one idea that strikes you as the best. Decide what you need to accomplish and go from there.

Composting is a natural and normal process where organic material is broken down by bacteria and microorganisms. The compost is then added to the soil as an amendment or mulch so that the soil will be improved and plant material will benefit.

(more of the article)

Catch up with our friend Patrick Vickery in Scotland: A Compost Blether (a rerun)

Gather together a hundred gardeners and ask the question: what's the best method of constructing a compost heap? - and you'll receive a hundred different answers with a few strong words thrown in for good measure. (more Compost)

(More from Patrick in Scotland)

Dirt - The true story of a Florida yard project

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