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Useful Habits of Successful GardenersUseful Habits of Successful Gardeners

If you want to have a thriving garden but you're not sure what you can do with this, then you should know that there are a few habits you can form that would make your gardening and landscaping far easier. (more)

The PlanDirt - a landscaping project

God did not plan a jungle. She planned a garden - the Garden of Eden. She placed a few plants here and a few plants there. She scattered some fruit trees about and then she got on to other things - you know, creation. Maybe later on she added a plant or two, picked up here and there, whenever she found something that caught her fancy. (more)

Ornamental CabbagesOrnamental Cabbages

This is a family of plants that are native to Europe and Asia and now have been developed as ornamental as well. They are known as cold crops. The ornamental cabbage and kale cultivars are grown specifically for their appearances.


White Rocker with BegoniaContainer Fascination

It starts without you thinking about it at all. You bring home a couple of plants from the nursery.

You may read that the plant would do better in a clay pot with a tray under it to catch the runoff water. When the winter causes you to bring the plants indoors, you put the clay pot in the living room. You realize that it might present better in a glazed pot with a nicer tray. (more)

Schefflera - probably not poisonousPoisonous Plants - Introduction

The plants are out to kill us,
our welcome has worn thin.
Don't smell them
or swallow,
or bad stuff will follow.
Don't let them caress your skin.

(more about The Composed Gardener)

Compost BinEmily: So What Is Composting, Anyway?

Dear Emily: What's the big deal about composting?

A: Composting is the key to any successful garden. Mother nature has been composting since the beginning of time. But man has not been able to wait on her time schedule. It takes her 100 - 150 years for a single inch of topsoil to be created. Worms can decrease that to one inch a year, but sometimes we are anxious and need to take matters into our own hands. (read all about it)