June 23, 2014

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Emily (who we are)


"If it grows well, plant more of it." ...Emily
(more celebrated quotes can be found on our "quotes" page)
Indian Pipe photo by Ed Utz

Indian Pipe

This is an unusual, waxy, translucent, white plant devoid of all chlorophyll with leaves that are basically scales. It is not a mushroom, but a flowering plant, albeit an unusual one. Because it lacks chlorophyll...(more)

photos by Laurie Schwappach


There are many plants referred to as lilies. However in the strictest sense of the word lilies are a member of the lilium species.

Lilies have showy flowers. There are six petals, which, sometimes curved, make for a beautiful presentation. (more)

The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

If you like dreamy garden books to ease your achy garden muscles, dream away with this early 1900's diary. (more)

Rubber TreeJune 23, 2014

Houseplants for the Future

Horticultural speaking there is no such thing as a houseplant. Every plant originates and is native somewhere in the world. There it lives happily where it is improving it's own natural environment.

The Chinese for centuries have taken care of plants to create "living energy" into their homes and workplace. We all should be doing the same.

(more of the article)

Catch up with our friend Patrick Vickery in Scotland: The Banana Slug Blether (a rerun)

The ones in my garden are usually brown, but I have seen murky yellow versions...seeing the first one was a revolting shock...they grow huge, and smack their lips whenever I plant anything... (more of The Banana Slug Blether)

(More from Patrick in Scotland)