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To buy or design?To Buy or To Design a Garden

Although the garden is considered a beautiful place and a common thing to have these days, it has not existed forever. If you want your very own garden then you might need to think about buying one or in other words investing some funds into an "outdoor lounge area". (more)

Dueling CompostersBlack Soldier Fly

Problems in composting?

Well, maybe. But we're coming clean (ok, not clean exactly.)

We've told you how we compost and have written extensively about vermicomposting (nice clean worms, nice clean people!). But we've always considered maggots a failure. Failure?! Disgusting is more the word! (more)

Frog in Elephant Ear Bloom

Elephant Ear

Colocasia as well as its close relative, Alocacia, is a tuberous bulb plant growing from 3 - 5 feet. Generally they are grown outside in semi-tropical and tropical areas. They can be grown in northern areas but must be dug up for the winter months. This is a very showy, back border plant. They perform best in shade and must have good drainage. (more)

Compost BinComposting, Composting

Ashes and grasses and
feathers and hay,
garbage but only from
Vegan's they say,
Leaves and some newspapers
(paper not "E-"),
Sawdust and pine needles
Weeds from the sea.

(more from The Composed Gardener)

Effective Lawn WateringSix Tips for Effective Lawn Watering

Effectively watering your lawn in the summer months is very important. The grass is in need of water the most when the sun is literally baking the ground. Also you want to conserve as much water as possible, since it is a precious resource that shouldn't be wasted. (more)

DogfennelEmily: Does dogfennel repel mosquitos?

Dear Emily: Dogfennel is reputed to be a mosquito repellant here in Florida.

A: Maybe that's why The Universe puts so much of it there.