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Types of MulchCompost Bin

Mulch. It seems to be all the rage in gardening lately but I think there is a lot of confusion as to what mulch is and how to use it. Mulch is anything that is applied to the ground as a cover. A few of the main reasons for doing this are to help create a barrier to keep weeds at bay and moisture locked into the soil. In some cases, mulch is used to improve the visual quality of an area or to improve the fertility of the soil. (more)

Allergy Free School YardsFemale Mulberry

The most widely planted shade tree in school yards across America is the "fruitless" mulberry tree, a male clone of white mulberry. They grow big and fast and are easy to grow. These trees produce no messy mulberries, but they are among the most allergenic of any city trees, and each one sheds hundreds of millions of grains of pollen each year. (more)

Ferns in Northern FloridaFerns

Florida is definitely known as the land of ferns. More ferns are grown here than any other state of the continental U.S. The southern part of the state gives us a selection of tropical ferns like the bird nest fern, the black tree fern, and the American tree fern. But the ferns found in the northern part of the state are very much like those of the northern United States. (more)

The Benefits of Growing a Vegetable Garden

health benefits of a vegetable gardenA vegetable garden is something that can include and benefit all of the family to varying degrees and is a rewarding hobby that is good for the mind, body and soul - not to mention the bank balance. Here is everything you need to know about planning and growing your new vegetable garden.


Schefflera - probably not poisonousPoisonous Plants - The Houseplant

If you think poison ivy is dangerous,
think twice of that houseplant you touch.
In your home
it resides,
maybe at your bedside,
and it's waiting to torment you much.

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Emily: Does dogfennel repel mosquitos?


Dear Emily: Dogfennel is reputed to be a mosquito repellant here in Florida.


A: Maybe that's why The Universe puts so much of it there.