April 28, 2014

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"A garden is never finished." ...Emily
(more celebrated quotes can be found on our "quotes" page)
Closed Gentian photo by Ed Utz

Closed Gentian

The dark blue bottle-like flowers grow in clusters at the top of the stem. The five or more flowers are 1 to 1 1/2 inch long and closed. The plant itself grows up to two feet and the leaves are four inches long. (more)



These plants are great for a bed or border interests. they are mainly evergreen perennials, biennials, and even shrubs.

They do enjoy full sun. (more)

Cinnabar Red Polypore
Ganoderma tsugae
Ed's Wildflower Page
A-Z Encyclopedia

A-Z Encyclopedia

Starting with some basic botany for the gardener, it has descriptions of leaves, flowers, and cultivation in general. There is some basic pruning and propagation information. Even though over 1,000 pages emphasize identification, there's enough information to get you started in gardening. (more)

Raised Bed after 30 daysApril 22, 2014

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised Bed - Any ornamental or vegetable bed that has soil higher than the surrounding immediate area. Sometimes bounded by boards, stone, brick or any material to hold in the soil, raised beds make a supreme growing area.


That's how Emily Compost defines a raised bed (in the Garden Glossary), but the experience is something different.

(more of the article)

Catch up with our friend Patrick Vickery in Scotland: A Tomato Blether (a rerun)

Tomato growing is an occupation fraught with conversational danger. Just mention your under-sized spindly tomato plants and you could be stuck for hours listening politely... (more Tomato)

(More from Patrick in Scotland)

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