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Flower GardeningBeginner's Guide to Flower Gardening

There are few things that add colour and versatility to the outdoor space than flowers. The rich foliage and the sweet scent can turn your backyard into a gorgeous retreat.


Baby CarriageContainer Planting

In 1973 I read the two plants books by Maggie Baylis: "House Plants for the Purple Thumb", and "Plant Parenthood".

They not only gave great insight to the houseplant revolution that was going on at the time, but great fun along the way.


PumpkinsThe Pumpkin Scoop

The pumpkin is one of our earliest American icons. It not only is famous for being on the Plymouth Rock dining table of 1621; their dining guests - the North American native Indians, cultivated it.

The pumpkin is probably the most fun and most delicious vegetable around. It is a great fall vegetable. It has 80 calories a cup, low in sodium and potassium, it can provide 350% of the required daily allowance of vitamin A. All this with just a trace of fat. (more)

Hornworm photo submitted by Marlene PollockTomato Hornworm

I've been waiting all winter,
all winter long,
'til it warmed
and you planted those rows.

And I've waited through springtime,
all through the spring,
'til they grew
and you dreamed: tomatoes.

(The rest of the poem from The Composed Gardener)

When the gardener can't garden

Grow Write Guild

Gayla Trail over at You Grow Girl has been blogging recently about an illness that has kept her from her garden this year, and how that makes her feel. This inspired her to restart her Grow Write Guild series of writing prompts by asking gardeners to write about a time when they were unable to garden, for whatever reason.

My attempt is Jade Plant Casualties.

Preparing a Vegetable Garden for Planting in Fall

Preparing a Vegetable Garden for FallWhile it is true that summer is usually considered peak vegetable gardening season, fall as well presents nice opportunities for growing. The weather is mild, insect threats are almost non-existent... (more)

Clay pot with white salt build upEmily: My clay pots are white!

Dear Emily: I have recently planted some houseplants into clay pots. After watering them a couple of times all of the clay pots have a white powdery substance on the outside of them. What does this come from?

A: The white you see is salt build up from the watering. No real problem. Just wipe it off or wash it off. One does not want to let it get too thick and crusty. (more clay pots)