October 13, 2014

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"You can never go back. Buy that plant now." ...Emily
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Solanum carolinense

Horse Nettle

This is a perennial plant which can reach 39 inches in length. Almost the entire plant is covered in stinging hairs: the leaves and the stems. The leaves can be three or five lobed, reminding me of maple leaves. (more)

Spanish Gold

Spanish Gold

These are very short-lived, evergreen perennials, shrubs, or small trees. They usually are found growing along stream banks in very moist soil in tropical and subtropical regions. (more)


Aptenia cordifolia

This plant, like many prostrate succulents with flowers is misnamed "ice plant". This is a plant which originates in South Africa. It is fairly hardy (I have read it is hardy down to 20 degrees F.) (more)

October 13, 2014

Shade or Sun

Sun or Shade?Unless I wanted to cut down some huge water oaks and hickory trees the back yard was going to be a shade garden. Mostly heavy shade. This would dictate the type of plants that we grew.

No flowering gardens with cut flowers on the table every night. No large brush strokes of color like Giverney. This garden was going to be dark and wet. Sort of like, well, a jungle.

I can see Ponce hacking his way through the jungle looking for the fountain of youth. He is like a 1950's developer, envisioning a clearing with a bubbling fountain - the sounds of water wafting across manicured lawn with the cool sun shining blissfully on lawn chairs and table umbrellas. What he found was a jungle of oaks and scrub palms and vines and heat and humidity and insects and muck.

(more of the article)

Catch up with our friend Patrick Vickery in Scotland: A Goat Blether (a rerun)

Time to cut the grass again? Lawn mower out of action?  Borrow a goat. or - even better - get your own. (more of A Goat Blether)

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