August 4, 2014

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Similax rotundifolia


This woody vine, with it's thorny stem can form unbelievable tangles in the forests. Seen on the Eastern Coast of the US.

The leaves are heart-shaped and very leathery. (more)

agave americans 'marginata'


These plants are native to the warm arid parts of the Americas, and require excellent drainage. They grow well in containers, and are very drought resistant. (more)

Ed's Wildflower Page
Garden Junk

Garden Junk

Page after page of wonderful garden junk. Yes in some people's eyes it is still junk but to the garden collector it's the added bones and sculptors of garden design. (more)

August 4, 2014

Baby CarriageContainer Fascination

It starts without you thinking about it at all. You bring home a couple of plants from the nursery. They are already in plastic pots and you leave them in the plastic. You set them on the deck or on the patio and forget them.

You may read that the plant would do better in a clay pot with a tray under it to catch the runoff water. When the winter causes you to bring the plants indoors, you put the clay pot in the living room. You realize that it might present better in a glazed pot with a nicer tray.

Without realizing it, you have taken the first steps on the road to container fascination.

(more of the article)

Catch up with our friend Patrick Vickery in Scotland: Herb Blether (a rerun)

It started on my way to work, you see. I was listening to the Terry Wogan show on the car radio. "A banana", he said, "is the biggest herb". "Well really", I snorted, "what nonsense, (more of Herb Blether)

(More from Patrick in Scotland)