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Coreopsis auriculata
Dwarf Coreopsis

Dwarf Coreopsis

This beauty grows on a dry, hot, rocky bed in North Carolina. It feels right at home here because this species is part of a genus of 80 or more species of annuals and perennials that originated on the prairies in North and Central America and Mexico.

Known as Tickseed they like fertile, well-drained soil and grow in full sun or partial shade. As this one, they also tolerate poor, stony, soil and also coastal conditions. They do not seem to like heavy clay soil.

Coreopsis bear single, daisy-like, flowers of bright yellow in early and midsummer. They are excellent for cut flowers. You can deadhead these to prolong flowering.

C auriculata is frost hardy and grows to about 18 inches. 'Nana' is a compact form growing to six inches.

Divide these, if perennial, in early spring. The seeds will reseed themselves. If you want to try to gather the seeds they form in papery, dislike heads and should be removed when dry. When you sow them they will take five days to germinate.

Zones 4 - 9.

Tip: Go organic. It is the healthier way to go.