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Gasteria verrucosa

Gasteria bloomIs this an Aloe plant? No, but it is in the same family (the lily family). This Gasteria is among 70-80 species of this genus from Nambia and South Africa.

It is a succulent with no apparent stem which grow in clumps with the tongues coming up on one side and then another forcing a fan-like growth. The plant has little white bumps where spines may once have been (long ago) on grayish green leaves although because of hybridization this can be variable. Leaves can grow to six inches.

Reddish flowers form on long, arching stems growing from the center of the clump.

The white bumps give it one of it's common names, the warty aloe (or wart gasteria). It is also known as Ox-tongue.

Gasteria is slow growing and likes cramped quarters (it will eventually fill a pot) and tolerates neglect.

GasteriaWater when dry. They should be planted in well-drained soil (humus and perlite). Bright light, but keep away from direct sunlight. Keep it above 50 degrees F in the winter.

You can propagate these by cutting the shoots, letting them dry a little, and placing them in soil. Very similar to cactus.