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Viburnum dentatum

click to enlargeOne of a genus of 150 species of shrubs or small trees primarily of Asian origin. The Arrowwood lives in wet or dry thickets and the boarders of woods in Eastern North America from Ontario to New Brunswick south to Florida and west to Texas.

This upright, deciduous shrub has arching branches and leaves which are 1 1/2 to 3 inches long; rounded or heart shaped at the base, with saw-like teeth.

The plant will grow to 3 feet to 15 feet in size and has a spread of six feet.

Native Americans used the stems of this shrub for the shafts of arrows. The flowers, which are produced from May to August, are only 5mm wide, in clusters of 2-3 inches wide with 5 petals.

It can be propagated from cuttings in summer or from seed in the fall in zones 3 - 8.

Photos by Ed Utz

Tip: Growing in a bag is easy and effortless, but it doesn't have to look ugly. Hide it in a decorative pot or low window box container and cover with mulch. It'll trick even the best of gardeners.