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Ficus pumila or Ficus repens
'Creeping Fig' or 'Climbing Fig'

FicusA large genus of about 800 species.

They are mainly evergreen trees, shrubs, and woody climbers. Some become outrageous and kill their host tree.

The group includes those we know as the rubber tree, Banjo fig, fiddle leaf fig, ficus benjamina.

But it is the tiny creeping fig that can be used as a topiary. Its root clinging ability makes this evergreen perennial a fun addition and landscape touch to walls.

Propagation can be done by seed, but mostly by semi-ripe cuttings.

It does not come without problems - mealy bugs, scale, root knot nematodes, thrip and spider mites are attackers.

But still this is a fun plant to grow.

Tip: Morning sun is more beneficial than afternoon sun.