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Fatsia japonica

FatsiaFatsia are easy to grow, requiring a tropical zone. They generally grow to a height of about four feet.

It can be used as a shrub, in a grouping, or as an interest plant. Its foot-broad leaves are wonderfully cut below the middle into five to nine deep lobes.

It generally grows upright on thick green stems.

As an evergreen, its leaves and stems can be added to large floral arrangements.

When flowering, the terminal clusters really add nothing to the landscaping but are intriguing to look at.

There really is no seasonal color change to the plant.

Fatsia in bloomOne can raise this plant as an indoor plant, if given a lot of good bright light. It is basically grown for an Oriental look. Its original habitat is Japan.

The outdoors light requirement is reduced light of the north side. Bright sunlight is unsuitable.

This plant grows best in slightly acidic composted areas or moderately fertile.

Being tolerant of salt drift makes this a good coastal plant.

Fatsia bloomOne should be able to find this plant readily available in most small nurseries.

Be sure and fertilize this plant on a regular monthly basis, during the warm months.

Propagation is by cuttage (clipping).

Pests that may bother this plant are mealy-bugs, scale, sooty mold and thrip.

It is a sturdy good selection for an interest garden landscape. I have two growing on either side of a pergola and love them.