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Graptopetalum paraguayense
Ghost Plant / Mother of Pearl Plant

Ghost PlantThe ghost plant is a succulent having a rosette of fleshy, spoon-shaped leaves, two inches long with a pointed end, colored silvery gray. The leaves grow in a star shaped grouping. The name implies that the plant is from Paraguay, but it is now known to be native to Mexico.

The stems, are at first erect, but then bend downward with age.

The flowers, when you see them, develop in the spring and are small, brittle, white and long lasting.

The ghost plant likes well-drained soil in full sun or very light shade. Water freely in spring and summer and rarely in autumn and winter. In the growing season you can fertilize them with a low nitrogen liquid fertilizer.

This makes a great house plant in a shallow dish. You can summer it outside in the sun when temperatures are above the mid-40s (F).

Zones 9 - 11.

This plant is easily propagated by rooting the individual leaves.

Ghost Plant