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verbascum thapsus

Mullein photo by Katy Kane of Centenial, COMulleins recently have been gaining stature in many cultivated border gardens. They stand erect and show great presence. But the common mullein (verbascum thapsus) is often found in dry, infertile soil. Animal pastures and roadsides. They are the colored flags of summer. Some grow in height to six feet. Others are more common to three feet.

A single plant can produce up to 200,000 seeds, a strong trait of weeds.

They have tap roots and are considered biennials.

And, they are enjoyed or disliked in all zones.

When eradicating mulleins be sure and dry the taproot. Do this in the first year of growth if possible before seeds can be produced. Mulching will prevent some germination of the seeds.

Mullein photo by Katy Kane of Centenial, COA few cultivated mulleins can make an excellent backdrop in your perennial garden. Enjoy the native.