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Spider Plant

Spider PlantNamed because the mature plants develop long wiry stems with small baby plants at the end, the spider plant is a popular hanging basket plant which can also be grown as a ground cover outdoors.

These are clump forming plants from South Africa and West Africa.

In the summer they produce arching panicles of small, six-petaled white flowers. The green leaves come in a variety of variegation.

Indoors or outdoors, grow in shade or sun in any soil.

Spider Plant winningIndoors grow as a hanging basket. Outdoors grow as a border or a ground cover.

These plants are prone to tip burn from excess salts, fluoride, or dry soil.

Propagation is by rooting plantlets or by division. When the babies develop roots at the end of the stems just snip them off and plant them in another pot.

Zones 9 - 11 (We've grown them in the ground in 7-8).