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Wedelia trilobata
Creeping Oxeye

Wedelia trilobataThis plant is classified in both the weed books, plant books and wildflower books. We have friends cursing us for sharing this plant. It is very invasive and must be controlled, by hand, if planted in a bed.

The "A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants"  says that it is a "rampant groundcover particularly useful for growing in dry shade, under trees."

It is generally found near semi-tropic and tropical coastlines. It has a wonderful, daisy-like flower.

It can be used as an evergreen ground cover or in hanging baskets in full sun or in shade.

It roots very well at its leaf nodes (and spreads widely) or you can easily propagate it by seed.

A pretty much no-fail plant for the dry, summer heat.

Because it may die back a little in cooler temperatures, in northern zones bring in the containers in the winter.