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Justicia brandegeeana
Shrimp plant, Shrimp bush

Yellow QueenThis common name gives the plant away. It looks just like a shrimp.

It is one of the few plants, when grown as a houseplant, does not need any protection from the mid-day and full sun conditions. It thrives on such and is quite drought resistant. Making it a great plant for the areas of the country that have severe warm climates.

The most two popular are the bright yellow 'Yellow Queen' and the maroon colored shrimp plant.

J. brandegeeanaThis plant will grow in zones 9-11 and under glass (greenhouse) or as houseplants in northern climates.

The shrimp plant adds plenty of color to perennial borders and can be used as a small shrub.

Enjoyed for a long season bloom, this plant is very easy to take care of.

J. brandegeeanaPropagation

It can be propagated in the late spring and in the summer by semi-ripe cuttings.

In spring to early summer take cuttings. Just cut off a non-flowering shoot with 3-4 leaves on the end of the shoot. Cut it just below a node. The cutting should be 3-4 inches long, perhaps. Remove any leaves on the lowest third of the cutting. Insert into the potting mixture.

You can dip the base into a rooting hormone before you put in the potting mix but I'm not sure if that is necessary.

The potting mixture can be either a purchased cutting mix or half-and-half peat and perlite. Lacking those, you might try soil and perlite.

Keep humid and above 65 degrees. Remove leaves that fall off. No hot sun. No fertilizer until it is well rooted. Don't try just one, this might take a few tries.