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Walking Iris
IRIDACEAE (Iris family)

NeomaricaThe walking iris, also known as the twelve apostles, grows in grassy clumps. The plant can grow from 1-5 feet high and wide. A mighty appearance to be sure. The leaves are flat swords about one inch wide.

The flowers are like miniature iris blooms. They are oh so delicate and cute and appear as if they are walking way from the plant on their long stems.

Generally, the bloom will appear when the plant is pot bound or two years in age. Often in a fast growing situation or a warmer zone, this will happen in one year. In colder zones, this plant needs to come inside for the winter. In warmer zones of nine and higher they can be planted in the ground, or if lucky with a beneficial microclimate the plant may survive in zone 8.

Walking IrisThe best growing condition is sun to half shade, especially if it is morning sun. As always, a good drained soil is required - although the plant can tolerate a moist situation. I like growing mine in a clay pot.

Propagation is very easy. After each bloom air roots, a small plant will grow. Either set the plant in a 4-inch pot of soil still attached to the mother plant or snip and repot. Both methods work find. Even water rooting may work. Keep moist and wait until the plant is pot bound before moving it up to the next pot size.

Walking iris are very versatile plants. They can be used in borders, beds, or container plantings. Alternatively, in hanging baskets or as a houseplant.

This is often a passalong plant although it is becoming common to nurseries in the south.